University of Canberra
Prof Barbara Norman of CURF and Gillian Bird, Ambassador of Australia to the UN at Habitat III
Posted 14 October 2016 3:41pm

Habitat III offered a unique opportunity to discuss the important challenge of how cities, towns, and villages are planned and managed, in order to fulfil their role as drivers of sustainable development.

A Habitat III Networking Event was held on Urban Resilience.  This event was designed to help inform urban resilience stakeholders on the research and practices contributing to urban resilience processes. The event featured expert presentations and provide a platform for city mayors, disaster management authorities and practitioners to present the urban resilience case for sharing and cross learning.

CURF Director Prof Barbara Norman spoke on Climate and City Resilience.  Also speaking at the session was Her Excellency Gillian Bird, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Australia to the United Nations.

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